What to put in your bug-out bag if Trump is elected.

A bug-out-bag is a backpack filled with the equipment you need to survive apocalyptic scenarios such as a total collapse of the economy or catastrophic superstorms. Typical items include emergency food and water, first-aid kit, camping gear, knives, and weapons. If you've seen Doomsday Preppers, you're probably familiar with the debate about what to leave in and what to leave out.

The Mathematics of The Walking Dead

The popular zombie drama, The Walking Dead, has elapsed over a time of about 2 years. But this simple calculation shows that the surviving humans should have killed all the zombies long before that time had elapsed. Let's take a closer look considering infection rates, birth, and death rates and see how those affect the population of zombies vs. humans over time. 

4 Websites You Need to Stop Sharing Link Bait From in 2014

Remember back in the late 90's when you'd regularly receive emails warning you of the dangers of toilet spiders, or promising cash from Bill Gates or a free trip to Disnelyand in exchange for forwarding the email? Maybe you had a particularly gullible friend or family member who would frequently forward such emails to their entire address book. Aren't you glad that trend died down? I know I am.

Should you give startup advice? [FLOWCHART]

One of the biggest downsides and distractions in being a first-time entrepreneur is that far too many people are quick to give you unsolicited asshat startup advice. When you're at a party or networking event and someone says "you know what you should do" and proceeds to go down a rabbit-hole, you feel stuck feigning interest while looking for a way out of the conversation.