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The easy way to decode “keyword not provided” in Google Analytics

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Change "Primary Dimension" in Google Analytics to Landing Page

If you’ve been using Google Analytics for some time, you may have noticed that the fraction of search results from keywords that are “not provided” has been increasing over time. This is mostly because anyone logged into a Google product using Google search now has their search keywords hidden from site owners. So what are [...]

Why web clippers should obey the same conventions as bots

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A web clipper is a bookmarklet, app, or browser extension that copies some or all of the content of a webpage into a new webpage or app. Clippers appear to be exploding in number. Pinterest, Evernote, SpringPad, Clipboard, JustAPinch, and KeyIngredient are just a few examples of web and mobile apps that offer clippers. If the [...]

5 reasons why you should never buy a WordPress theme

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After having a bad experience with a paid WordPress theme, I realized that there are some inherently bad features to the general concept of paid themes. Here’s my list of reasons why, besides the price, you should never pay for a pre-built WordPress theme.

Making your own product demo video is easier than you think.

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Getting a demo video for your startup’s product made by a pro can cost several thousand dollars per minute — out of the budget of your typical startup. But making something really good yourself is much easier than you think. I made my own video myself following the Grumo video course and Justin McLeod’s method [...]

How to block an entire phone exchange on an Android phone

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If you’re an alum of a particular top-tier, non Ivy college that shall remain nameless (it rhymes with Bons Mopkins), you may be accustomed to getting a weekly phone call from a very pushy undergrad asking for money. Since you graduated with a degree from this excellent institution, you must have a bunch of money [...]

Why you should periodically review which social sharing plugins you include on your blog.

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Online social sharing tools have been around since launched in 2003. ┬áNow, after almost a decade of social bookmarking and sharing online, it’s clear that link sharing tools come and go. I don’t know about you, but when Yahoo! threatened to shut down delicious, I exported my bookmarks and never looked back. And how [...]