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4 Websites You Need to Stop Sharing Link Bait From in 2014

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Remember back in the late 90′s when you’d regularly receive emails warning you of the dangers of toilet spiders, or promising cash from Bill Gates or a free trip to Disneyland in exchange for forwarding the email? Maybe you had a particularly gullible friend or family member who would frequently forward such emails to their entire [...]

How to Bypass a Paywall

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I had clicked on a link to an interesting Harvard Business Review article on Facebook only to find a big overlay telling me to log in. These things have become standard these days, but this one didn’t have any link to close the overlay. The only option was to sign up (not actually pay in [...]

Is your bounce rate real?

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Bouncing Boxer

Google officially defines the bounce rate as “the percentage of visits that go only one page before exiting a site”. A bounce rate of about 80% is typical for a blog. 40-60% is reasonable for other content sites and apps. 10-40% is excellent. If your bounce rate is under 10%, this is probably due to [...]