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What to put in your bug-out bag if Trump is elected.

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A bug-out bag is a backpack filled with the equipment you need to survive apocalyptic scenarios such as a total collapse of the economy or catastrophic superstorms. Typical items include emergency food and water, first-aid kit, camping gear, knives, and weapons. If you’ve seen Doomsday Preppers, you’re probably familiar with the debate about what to [...]

4 Websites You Need to Stop Sharing Link Bait From in 2014

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Remember back in the late 90′s when you’d regularly receive emails warning you of the dangers of toilet spiders, or promising cash from Bill Gates or a free trip to Disneyland in exchange for forwarding the email? Maybe you had a particularly gullible friend or family member who would frequently forward such emails to their entire [...]

Should you give startup advice? [FLOWCHART]

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One of the biggest downsides and distractions in being a first-time entrepreneur is that far too many people are quick to give you unsolicited asshat startup advice. When you’re at a party or networking event and someone says “you know what you should do”¬†and proceeds to go down a rabbit-hole, you feel stuck feigning interest [...]

5 reasons why you should never buy a WordPress theme

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After having a bad experience with a paid WordPress theme, I realized that there are some inherently bad features to the general concept of paid themes. Here’s my list of reasons why, besides the price, you should never pay for a pre-built WordPress theme.