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Why web clippers should obey the same conventions as bots

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A web clipper is a bookmarklet, app, or browser extension that copies some or all of the content of a webpage into a new webpage or app. Clippers appear to be exploding in number. Pinterest, Evernote, SpringPad, Clipboard, JustAPinch, and KeyIngredient are just a few examples of web and mobile apps that offer clippers. If the [...]

Why you should periodically review which social sharing plugins you include on your blog.

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Online social sharing tools have been around since launched in 2003. ┬áNow, after almost a decade of social bookmarking and sharing online, it’s clear that link sharing tools come and go. I don’t know about you, but when Yahoo! threatened to shut down delicious, I exported my bookmarks and never looked back. And how [...]