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6 Pieces of Real Advice for Female Tech Entrepreneurs

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Offering advice to women in business and female tech entrepreneurs in particular is all the rage. Much of the advice I see falls into the obvious category, and the not-exactly-specific-to-women category. Some of it is even just plain bad advice for anybody. (I don’t recommend that you “trust your intuition” as this piece from Mashable [...]

Should you give startup advice? [FLOWCHART]

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One of the biggest downsides and distractions in being a first-time entrepreneur is that far too many people are quick to give you unsolicited asshat startup advice. When you’re at a party or networking event and someone says “you know what you should do”¬†and proceeds to go down a rabbit-hole, you feel stuck feigning interest [...]

Making your own product demo video is easier than you think.

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Getting a demo video for your startup’s product made by a pro can cost several thousand dollars per minute — out of the budget of your typical startup. But making something really good yourself is much easier than you think. I made my own video myself following the Grumo video course and Justin McLeod’s method [...]